Flights of Fancy CD cover
"We heard your lovely music from across the lake, and just had to talk to you.  Your CD is so beautiful and relaxing.  We love it!" - Peggy McCoy, July 2008

" Thank you so much for the beautiful harp music you played at our wedding." 

- Jenna and Steven Defuscio
Flights of Fancy back cover
"This CD is so relaxing.  The music is just beautiful."

" Just got the chance to listen to your CD, and I'm calling to get a copy too."

" Wow, this is so pretty to listen to. " 
an 11-year-old

Candace Coates in Ireland                                 CD Face - Flights of Fancy
"The cover is great, and the music is exceptional."

" Your album is great!  I keep listening to it.  It's lovely." 
Pashcal K., County Kildare, Ireland

" The CD is very beautiful.  I have played it a lot." 
Cladagh Ring