Program Description

The interactive music program was developed by Candace Coates to educate people about the harp, which is one of the most ancient musical instruments. Its history ranges from at least 1200 BC in ancient Egypt. The program is about 45 minutes in length and is made up of three sections.

The first section is a verbal presentation which covers the evolution of the harp, from its ancestral bow form to the stately, elegant pedal harps used in concert halls today. Other topics discussed are as follows: comparison of ancient harp building techniques to the construction of the more familiar modern form in use in modern times. A discussion on the Bardic Order of harpers is also given.

The second part of the program is a solo performance on the Celtic Harp. Candace has been performing live, on this delightful instrument, since 1993. A variety of Celtic, Renaissance, and original compositions are used in her performances, and her repertoire continues to grow.

The third part is devoted to a question and answer period.

In addition; a variety of other workshop and classroom settings can be accommodated, where the balance of content can be adjusted appropriately.

Photo of Candace Coates taken by Judi NotoPhoto by Judi Noto

The interactive music program requires an electrical outlet
for amplifying equipment.